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Sweet taste of success as Nailsworth business reopens


A much-loved Nailsworth business reopened its doors on Saturday morning.

Coco Confectionery in Fountain Street is being run by Charlotte Miles and Ella Berry, who run Pulp in the town, and Millie Radford, who is studying Entrepreneurship at Falmouth for a master’s degree.

coco confectionery | Sweet taste of success as Nailsworth business reopens
Millie, Ella and Charlotte in the newly-reopened shop.

“Me and Ella will split our time 50/50 here and at Pulp, and Millie will also be covering,” explained Charlotte.

“We know that it [Coco] is really important to the community, so we wanted to make sure it was still here. We’ve continued with quite a large vegan selection as people are asking for it, and we’re going with a boutique style selection, stuff you won’t find in supermarkets,” added Charlotte.

coco confectionery 5 | Sweet taste of success as Nailsworth business reopens

Cookies made by the Cake Box in Nailsworth are on sale, and the team are trying to find a local chocolate maker to supply their truffles. Around 120 types of pick and mix sweets are on sale, along with new 200-gram packets of sweets that are put together in the shop. Charlotte explained their ethos is to stock products made by small businesses to help support that community, such as their handmade chocolate lollies.

coco confectionery 6 | Sweet taste of success as Nailsworth business reopens
Cookies made by the Cake Box in Nailsworth.

The shop opened at 10am on Saturday after a five-day turnaround and redecoration. There is a new seating area for people to enjoy the newly introduced bubble teas, and the team has made the most of the natural light from the traditional bay windows.

“It’s always been a busy little shop and we wanted to bring it back to its former glory, and we’re adding some of our own style. We changed Pulp quite a lot – we’ve made it into a boutique store – and that’s the plan here too,” said Charlotte.

A new website is being built so orders can be placed online, and will feature all the vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian products: www.cococonfectionery.co.uk

Pictures by Matt Bigwood

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