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The Property Centre’s top tips to add value to your house


6 maintenance jobs to get done in summer to add value to your property 

Taking care of your home or rental property requires regular maintenance but is essential to keep your home looking its best. 

If you’re thinking of selling or letting your property in the near future, these top jobs will also help it to sell or let quicker, whilst achieving the best possible price. Most homebuyers won’t want lots of small jobs to do when they move in. Equally, tenants will be looking for a home that’s well looked after.

  1. Boiler service

It’s a good idea to get your boiler serviced annually to ensure it’s working safely and efficiently. A service should be carried out by a qualified and registered heating engineer.

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Scheduling your boiler service in the summer can mean waiting times are shorter, as engineers are less busy with emergencies in the warmer months. It also makes sense to have checks carried out when your boiler is not being used as your central heating. Any problems identified can be fixed now without too much inconvenience to you.

If you’ve got an old boiler with an appliance rating of G, consider replacing it with a new A-rated condensing boiler. This could have a big impact on your EPC score and subsequently add value to your property.

2. Exterior painting

Summer is a great time to paint or repaint the exterior of your home, as the warmer weather will help the paint dry quickly. Consider anywhere outside that could benefit from a coat of paint and use this time get the job done. Think walls, fences, gates, front door, garage door, trellis, windowsills, shed.

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Extreme temperatures and wet weather can cause untreated wood to expand and rot, so it’s a good idea to fill in any cracks and re-paint your windowsills to help protect them. Check the window seals as well and replace any that look to be failing.
The smarter the outside of your property looks, the quicker it will sell or let, and it will also help to add value to your property. 

  1. Check the roof

Take a thorough look at your roof to prevent any issues when the wet weather returns. If you can see any light coming in, water can also penetrate through. 

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Specifically, look at the following, and fix any issues as soon as possible:

  • Shingles – if you notice your felt roof shingles rising in the centre, or at the edges, this is a sign of damage that could lead to roof leaks. 
  • Flashing – take a close look at the lead flashing on your home, often found along joints in the roof, around a chimney, or around ventilation pipes. Look for any visible signs of damage, such as open seams, tears, or rust.
  • Tiles – if you see any chipped, cracked, or missing tiles on your roof, these need to be replaced immediately. 
  • Moss – look for any moss building up on your roof and clean it off. Moss is most common in shadier areas which receive less sunlight and its roots can damage your roofing material as they deepen.
  1. Repointing 

Repointing is the process of removing and replacing mortar to fix any damage that may have occurred to the brickwork of your property. Doing this is especially important for older homes, where new mortar can be used to reduce damp and improve the durability of the walls for all weather conditions. 

Repointing is best done in the warmer, drier summer months and will improve the appearance of the exterior of your home.

  1. Get your chimney cleaned 

If you have a fireplace with chimney, it’s important to get this cleaned regularly to keep it operating safely and efficiently. The best time to clean chimneys in your home is in the warmer months, between spring and late summer, before you start thinking about lighting the fire. 

| The Property Centre's top tips to add value to your house

Professionals can get the job done quickly and cleanly, as well as inspect your chimney for potential fire hazards that are easy to miss with an untrained eye.

A fireplace is a great selling point for your home, but of course that’s only if the fireplace has been properly maintained throughout the years. You don’t want to sell your home with a potentially dangerous fireplace.

  1. Improve your driveway 

Improving your driveway will make your home more attractive and add to its value. Depending on what type of driveway you’re going for, the dry summer months can be a great time to do it. 

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If you’re choosing Ashpalt mixture, it needs to be laid in warm weather, so the mixture doesn’t cool and cure too quickly. Slightly cooler (but still dry) weather is better for concrete to ensure it retains its smooth finish. 

Local and trusted expertise to sell your home 

As local estate agents in Stroud, if you’re thinking of selling or letting your property, speak to The Property Centre’s valuation experts. They can advise you on further ways to add value to your home, as well as how to achieve the best possible price.

Book a free valuation to find out what your home’s worth.

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