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Achieving the impossible: former bully publishes eighth book


A former troubled teenage bully has just published his eighth book.

Brendan Conboy, from Stroud, had a turbulent time during his formative years at school. His violent behaviour, fighting and bullying, resulted in him being excluded from school with very few qualifications.

Brendan, who co-founded The Door Youth Project, has found strength from adversity to recently publish the PSALMS in Rhyme – rewriting the Psalms from the Bible.

His impossible dream started 10 years after leaving school when he became a Christian.  Soon afterwards, Brendan and friend Andy Morris set up The Door Youth Project in Stroud, with support from local churches.  Now in its 30th year, the project has supported thousands of young people, helping them to unlock their potential and achieve the impossible dream.

Brendan left The Door in 2014, when, due to failing health, he stepped down from his position as CEO.  Renal failure is his nemesis and though it has been a constant battle, often life-threatening, but has always maintained a positive attitude.

Brendan said: “When I started dialysis, it was so hard mentally, but I knew that being creative could prevent my dark and depressive thoughts, so the first thing that I did was join a band and start playing gigs.”

Music has always been a massive part of Brendan’s life, having spent 25 years as a Christian Rap Artist.  Brendan recalls that when he first became a Christian, rhyming words would flood into his head.  With his previous lack of writing skills, he regarded this as a gift from God and used the gift to record two albums. 

Brendan added: “Some people may think that I’m crazy to do this, as it’s a huge challenge.  I did it though, because God told me to.  I know, some will think that’s even crazier, but it’s true.  At first, it was really hard, but something supernatural happened and the words just poured into my head.”

The book of PSALMS in Rhyme is available from bookstores worldwide (order ISBN: 978-1916900066) or online.

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