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Campaigners protest outside MP’s office


A placard-waving demonstration was held outside Siobhan Baillie’s MP’s office to urge the government to do more to help refugees.

A number of protesters from Amnesty Mid-Glos gathered outside Stroud MP Siobhan Ballie’s constituency base on Saturday to raise awareness of the nationality and borders bill, which has its second reading in parliament on Monday, July 19th.

The bill proposes to give the home secretary the power to expand the camp-style accommodation established last year and to send asylum seekers overseas for processing.

FB IMG 1626524789456 | Campaigners protest outside MP's office

Carole Oosthuysen, Secretary for the Mid-Glos Amnesty branch, said: “We believe the UK should accept far more of the world’s refugees instead of the measly less than 1% we welcome at the moment. The new nationality and borders bill will have its second reading on Monday, so do write to our MP before Monday to ask her about our British values.”

FB IMG 1626524800796 | Campaigners protest outside MP's office
FB IMG 1626524836165 | Campaigners protest outside MP's office

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