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Clare Honeyfield: In case no one told you today, I believe in you


One thing’s for sure. You’re gonna f*&k up! You’re going to take wrong turns, choose the wrong people, write the wrong words, help the wrong causes.

None of this is a reflection on your worth as a person. It’s just life. And the more responsibility you take on and the bigger your dream, the more mistakes there are to make.  The great thing I find about having weekly check-ins with mentors in a mastermind group is that they can help me to get back on course, steer my life and my actions back in a positive direction.

But you know what makes it easy to get back on track? Having a clear vision and being certain of my values. And not only having absolute certainty around my values but living in them too.

Having this absolute CLARITY means I can face my imperfections with self-compassion, fully own my human propensity to go off course, and take the learnings. I can always ask myself “What was I hoping to achieve through this action? How could I better achieve this in a more wholesome and helpful way?” 

Closing the gap between the questionable choice and the observation is the huge win. It’s not about striving towards a life of perfection, nothing in life is perfect. It’s about progress and as I am told by so many people, it is happiness.

Don’t let the bumps along the road make you throw in the towel and give up. Take a deep breath, start again from a new perspective, and importantly, surround yourself with the right people. 

In case no one told you today, I believe in you.

Clare x 

Clare Honeyfield is a high-performance coach working with creators, change-makers and rule-breakers for a better world.  Clare is the founder of Small Talk at the Long Table, ‘All Stroud’ Networking at The Stroud Hotel, Stroud farmers’ market, The Made in Stroud Shop and author of ‘Artisan Stroud’.

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