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Clare Honeyfield: spring has finally sprung


The lovely feeling of spring in the air, the warmth of the sun on my face and seeing the budding black tulips in the garden. The ‘hope’ I planted last winter. For a moment, I am in that place of optimism and joy. 

Here we are, hurtling towards the end of quarter one of 2024 and it’s been as challenging as ever keeping the focus on what’s important and not get completely swallowed up in local and global events. 

How do I continue to bring my best to the world in times of greed, injustice and hatred? 

How can I possibly still be banging on about the importance of clarity and keeping the focus?

I guess it comes back to the concept of “no excuses”.

Am I going to make the world a better place by giving up on the goodness in people, by becoming bitter or letting my anger at the injustice of the world take over, however justified that anger may be? 

Weekly mastermind accountability groups have been my absolute soul nourishment and joy this year, working with fellow coaches around the world whom I look up to and respect. Staying close to my own truth so I have more to share with my clients. Appreciating all the abundance in my own life and really taking care of what’s important. Greeting feelings of overwhelm with care and nurturing. 

And, quite simply, doing the next right thing. 

Remaining committed to my morning gratitude journaling, reading uplifting books and always learning more about how to effectively use and share my skills and experience.

I guess it’s about keeping my little corner of the world bright, taking extra care of myself and enjoying the beauty of this place we are lucky enough to call home. And helping others to do the same. In the hope that those tiny pockets of hope and joy ripple out to the world. 

I hope you find joy today in the little glimmers of life and in the people who show generosity and kindness whenever they can. As has been said a million times, if you can’t find good people, become one. 

Clare Honeyfield is a high-performance coach and yoga teacher working with change makers, creators and rule breakers for a better world.  Clare is the founder of Stroud farmers market and The Made in Stroud Shop and author of ‘Artisan Stroud’. 

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