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Meet the author podcast: Arthur Snell


Dave Harries interviewed Cranham author Arthur Snell for the latest in his series of Meet the Author podcasts.

Listen to Dave Harries’ interview with Arthur Snell

Arthur Snell is an author, political commentator and former diplomat who served the British Foreign Office in a variety of political hotspots around the world including Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Yemen and Iraq.

Arthur Snell | Meet the author podcast: Arthur Snell
Dave Harries (left) and author Arthur Snell. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

He recently published his first book, How Britain Broke the World – War, Greed and Blunders from Kosovo to Afghanistan, 1997 to 2022, a searing account of British diplomatic and military interventions in the geo-political world over the last 25 years and the often-malign effect of those interventions, despite the often best intentions of our political leaders.

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