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Rose’s work challenges us to consider what we take for granted


Artist Rose Bendall continues her residency at Stroud Valley Artspace in John Street, Stroud, with a launch party tomorrow, Saturday July 31st, from 6-8pm.

She graduated from the University of the West of England last year after completing three years of art foundation at SGS, Stroud, but without being able to complete her final project or have a degree show due to the pandemic.

“The show is called ‘WYSIWYG?’ and is a series of large-scale sculptures which are designed to challenge our thoughts, beliefs, spark curiosity and reflect on the way our perceptions have been challenged over the last 18 months,” explained Rose. 

She describes her work as combining ‘minimalism and surrealism, mainly through sculpture’, and enjoys experimenting with themes of repetition, movement and large, physical scale, playing on simple, geometric shapes and using salient and ‘taken for granted’ concepts, such as gravity and balance.

“I set them in an environment where they seem unusual, surprising and at times, concerning. These elements combined with a precise attention to detail, create a sense of bemusement, which I hope invite my audience to feel truly curious, challenging them to consider their idea of reality and the perceived facts which we take for granted,” said Rose.

“For my upcoming residency at SVA, I am delighted to have the opportunity to develop and finish the project that I started for my final degree project, which due to lockdown restrictions I was unable to complete. It has been very hard to have to put the project on hold for over a year but so exciting to be able to bring it back to life now!”

The show is open from 10am-4pm, Thursday to Saturday, and examples of Rose’s work can be seen on Instagram @rosecourtbedall or www.rosecourtbendall.com

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