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Shocking: wild swimmer fishes out second illegal trap from the River Frome


A wild swimmer has found a second illegal trap in the River Frome on his morning dip, today.

Last week, the swimmer discovered a dead otter trapped inside an unlicensed crayfish trap.

The swimmer told Stroud Times: “I’m horrified to find another illegal trap this morning whilst on my early morning dip.

“These are death traps for otters and are not allowed in the River Frome.”

The upset swimmer issued a message to anyone coming across further traps to take swift action: “Please remove and report any you find , the Environment Agency does not allow or licence traps in the River Frome area due to the potential risk to endangered native white clawed crayfish, the only exception being for scientific monitoring by consultancies. Otters are a protected species and it is an offence to deliberately kill, harm, disturb or catch these animals.” 

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