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Thank you, Stroud


Dear Editor,

I am writing to the people of the local community in Stroud to say THANK YOU for being one of the top places in the UK to support children in Afghanistan. As the situation evolves, it’s amazing to see the strength of solidarity that you have shown by singing this petition. (LINK)

The humanitarian situation was dire even before the latest crisis hit the country. Right now, at least 75,000 children are sleeping out in the open, without access to basic healthcare or education.

They are facing strains and stark realities from all angles. They have grown up knowing decades of war and the instability and insecurity that comes with it. They know what it means to be hungry, starving and only eating bread for 5 months on end, without tasting or getting the basic nutritious food like vegetables or fruit. Some haven’t had access to education and being able to dream of their future.

The scale is shocking: one in every 16 children won’t make it to their fifth birthday. One in two children are in urgent need of basics – food, shelter and medicine. Winter is on the way. It’s easy to get lost in the scale of it all, but this is the lived reality for children every day. Afghan children, like all children, deserve to dream big, to have a future, to feel safe and protected.

Over 15,000 Save the Children supporters across the UK signed a petition urging the UK Government to act and stand up for what’s right for Afghanistan‘s children. Thank you to the people of the local community for showing your support and solidarity.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Tobert

Campaign Manager – Afghanistan

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